Alejandro is a Kind of Kebab

Hello one more time! This week my post will talk about food: one of my passions. I hope you find them appetizing. Surely after finishing reading the post you want to come to Turkey to enjoy it meal. Last Saturday I was sightseeing around the historic center of Bursa (Bazaar, Han, Mosques, tombs…). At luch time I was so hungry. The smell of the restaurants and see the food of the shops, made me run to a restaurant. But not just any restaurant. I went to one of the oldest and best known in the city to taste one of the most popular dishes of the region. The Iskender Kebab. Iskender Efendi was one of the most important chefs of the second half of the 19th century in Turkey.

Bursa in the last period of the XIX century

He owes the invention of the famous Iskender kebab. One of the most famous dishes of Bursa.

Iskender Kebab

In a small old restaurant., very close to the great mosque of the city, people can enjoy this food. In the same way that when Iskender Efendi invented it in 1867. If you want to eat in that place you will have to wait outside on the street until there is a free table. The restaurant is very small and there are always tourists and locals eating inside. But you should wait.

The famous waiting queue.

Iskender Kebab is a variant of a döner kebab prepared from thin strips of beef and lamb on the grill and then put in tomato sauce on a few pieces of bread “pide” that it has been generously smeared in melted butter and is accompanied by yogurt. You can drink “Ayran”, a turkish yogurt to drink, or “Şıra”, the typical grape juice of Turkey.

The Iskender kebab is a strong dish so I recommend a Turkish tea (çay) or a coffee (kavhe) after lunch. It was in a cafe where I discovered that Iskender is Alejandro in Turkish. For me it is so funny know that I have a particular kind of Kebab. Not all the people can say that. See you next week.

Alejandro Pardo.