Atatürk Congress Culture Centre (ACCC)

Atatürk Congress Culture Centre (ACCC)


Hi it’s one week i didn’t write nothing but you know be volunteer means work, work and work, for me means photo photo and photo.

I did a lot of projects in these days and today i want to talk about the Atatürk Congress Culture Centre (ACCC)


Atatürk Congress Culture Centre (ACCC) is composed of two important basic structures, which is located in Merinos Park; one of them is historical Merinos Factory, which was converted to Culture Centre with a restoration work, and the other is Congress Centre that was just constructed.


Merinos Park, which is located in Atatürk Congress Culture Centre and has been recomposed recently, is an important public recreation area for Bursa with its 208.000 m² green field. There are many coffee shops, restaurants and social complexes in the Park together with 16.000 m² areas that arranged for open-air activities. Besides, Energy Museum, which was established by restoring the power plant that is in Merinos Factory, has the speciality in being first and unique energy museum of Bursa.


Bursa, which was lit with the electricity that was generated in Merinos in the past, is being enlightened with the science and art light that is spread from Atatürk Congress Culture Centre. Merinos Spinning Factory, which was established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (who was the founder of Republic of Turkey) and made Bursa capital city of textile, is now reborn and ready to make Bursa capital city of culture and congress tourism with the responsibility of His memory.


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