Bursa: metro means movement


Bursa: metro means movement
In bursa there are many way for move around the city but the best one it metro (subway).
the metro it’s the fastest way to cross all the center of bursa, i use the metro every day and it’s really useful.
The metro it’s so cheap around 2.6TL ( less than 1€ )


 Bursaray (sometimes stylized as BursaRay) is a rapid transit system in the city of Bursa, Marmara Region, Turkey, built in 2000 by TÜVASAŞ, and operated by Burulaş. The name Bursaray is a portmanteau of Bursa, and Ray, the Turkish word for “rail”. The Bursaray metro opened for passenger service on 24 April 2002.


The metro system presently consists of two lines, which share a main line in the east, and branch into two lines at the western end of the system.

It is planned to expand the Bursaray system to a 50-kilometer (31 mi) network in the future

The Bursaray system is made up of two lines that operate on 38.9 kilometers (24.2 mi) of route, serving 38 stations (7 of which are underground stations)


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