Cappadocia: beautiful work of Cristian aliens

According to the data, 96% of the population in Turkey declares themselves Muslim, even if on paper the country is considered laic. In recent years more than 86,000 mosques have been counted throughout the country. The percentage, therefore, of other religions and other religious spaces is smaller, so that landing in Capadoccia, a place with a Cristian protagonist, is at least surprising. This Patrimony of Humanity of the Central Anatolia region in Turkey does not leave any observer indifferent.

Capadoccia is characterized by its capricious geological forms, even described as lunar landscapes, but safe to make them homes for locals and tourists. The town of Goreme, in the province of Nevsehir, is one of the main touristic points of this region. It is a locality of no more than 20,000 habitants, known for its famous Open Air Museum, where numerous religious stories, created in settlements of the third and fourth centuries, can be seen. In them, they are still contemplated decorated with frescoes, which retain much of their colors, of the characters XI and XII. Chapels, alcoves, stores and churches complete this museum. And on the way out, the pink and red valleys immerse you in the middle of the mountainous terrain, even if their shapes look like the work of extraterrestrials. Climbing each one of its mountains brings you closer to the sky and the clouds, 

and allows you to contemplate how the town stretches between these enormous rocks. Climbing to the top and enjoying the sunset or sunrise should be an essential requirement for anyone wishing to view the Capadoccia. But to enter in full nature has more space in the small Goreme. The Love Valley offers routes on foot and by bicycle for all ages. Spaces that encircle you between mountains with elongated shapes that isolate you from all the sounds of the roads.

And in regard to its history, it was an important Cristian settlement, due to its proximity to Antiachia, where the first Cristian community founded by San Pedro was located. Several saints locate their birth in Capadoccia, which makes it a specific patrimony, distinct and perfectly conserved in the center of the precious and Muslim Turkey.