Winter holidays in Turkey via EVS volunteer eyes

Now all the holidays – catholic and orthodox Christmas, New Year and 3 Kings passed. So this is the following part of the first article about my winter holidays in Turkey. It was first Christmas Eve abroad. I used to come back even from Far East but this time my single entrance visa does not let me to do that. It is said that from the worst can become good. And it was good – thanks to my friends and my own willingness.

We were following tradition: huge shopping and cooking for Christmas Eve. Even you feel a bit tired after this but you cook with pleasure. You grow up wıth this. Lithuanians have tradition that on Christmas Eve table should be 12 dishes without meat. Someone says it is for every month or for 12 apostles. Let’s admit there are some things in the life you do as tradition even do not know real meaning of it. Because of these rituals different nations are so special and authentic.

After cooking we went to the french protestant church for a concert. It made the Christmas Eve even more special. By the way, Turkey government really care and pay attention to the safety. There were police next to the church too. When finally we went home Italian Cheff Andreas already was waiting with Italian pasta (do not be confused-Italian pasta is not a cake). After delicious food and some games and cozy eve was finished. Next day laziness overtakes all of us. But I went to Mudanya, had Turkish pasta/tiramisu (again something Italian) with good coffee.

In most of Europe countries everything stops during Winter holidays (24th of December till 6th of January). Well, in Turkey people are celebrating another holidays so if Christmas would be on workday I should go to the center. Besides that this week between Christmas and New Year were even bigger holiday I had ever had in Lithuania. Bezim Ev made little celebrations – parties for all groups of participiants. 5 days in the row we were doing postcards, eating fruits, pastries and even dancing. You should see happy participiant’s facies. Small things and attention really makes differences. I am happy I was part of it. Even I will not eat kurabyas (tr.cookies) for a while. Long while.

It is said that how you will meet New Year eve the entire year will be like that. My new Years eve was with a lot of people from different countries, talking and laughing. Hope 2017 will be such an international but more peaceful. I wish this to all of us. Especially for Turkey and turkish people– amazing country, with magnificent history, beautiful nature and delicious food. Come to visit this  Anatolian Wander.