Contest of Origami. My experience EVS vol.2

Hello everyone. Two weeks ago my school, Nilüfer İş Okulu, was introduced to an Origami contest. As I wrote in another post I am the origami teacher so I can say that I also competed in that contest.

At first I thought it was a competition among the students of the school, but later I learned that it was among other schools. The contest was organized by a friendly association between Turkey and Japan and the Japanese consul itself would be present at the ceremony. He was happy but frightened at the same time.

We decided to present three pieces of classic origami. Some penguins, a fish and a bird. The end result was quite nice. You can check it in the pictures.

What I could not imagine is that we won the three prizes in the same category. I certainly have the best Origami students I could ever hope for.

Honestly, before volunteering I did not know how to do anything but paper boats. I learned little by little and my students learned from me. It is a great illusion for me that they have won this prize.

The ceremony was chaired by the consul of Japan and his wife with whom I had the honor to talk about my experience in Turkey and my volunteer work. Also attended by politicians and city officials. No doubt the contest was more important than I expected.

My students, me, and Neslihan (one of the principals of my school).

To finish I would like to say that it was very funny to me to leave in the local press of Bursa. I do not remember ever leaving the newspaper of my city, Lugo, or any Galician newspaper. It is a very curious honor to be able to say that I was the cover of the Kent newspaper.

Me, the students and one of the principals of the school in the first photo of the right.

A greeting.

Alejandro Pardo.