Everything is possible – 5 marathons, 5 peaks

by Andrea David

Thursday noon gives me wings in Bizim EV. Gives believe and courage to fly. This metaphoric saying means that every Thursday I meet someone who inspires me, who let me grow as personality.

This person is Mr Necdet Turhan – or in Turkish way Necdet Bay. Mr Necdet is a blind person who decided to live an extraordinary life and set a global goal/project.

During his university years in Middle East Technichal University in Ankara he decided to join climbers club. Even the head of the club was skeptical about that. Despide of that, Mr Necdet was active participant of the club. One of the friends told him about the way how a blind person may easier be oriented in mountains. With huge concentration and following the bell sound it became more comfortable to reach the peaks.

After some years Necdet Bay put goal for himself – he will do global project. His global project – run 5 marathons and climb 5 mountains in different continents. It was long (15 years) and challenging project.

Everything is possible for any person. But first of all he should found dynamics between positive imagination and rationality”

Necdet Bay was running 5 marathons in

  • New York (2002),
  • Athens (2004),
  • Tokyo (2005),
  • Sidney (2006),
  • Luxor (2007).

Necdet Bay was climbing

  • Ararat in Turkey (2002),
  • Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (2008),
  • Mont Blant in France (2009),
  • Sherman in the USA (2014),
  • Kosciuszko in Australia (2017).

As we can noticed, this year he finished his global, 15 years duration project. Mr Necdet says that everything is possible for any person. But first of all he should found dynamics between positive imagination and rationality.

You can easily find in youtube videos about Necdet Turhan. This is motivational material you could use in different fields – from students till coaching business. Moreover, he is supporting healthy lifestyle – eating raw food, reducing sugar consumption, drinking a lot of green tea. As well practicing yoga, hiking, trekking and another outdoor sport activities. He prefer forest paths than artificial ones. Right now he do not wanna continue running marathons but he is going to nature for climbing and running.

Mr Necdet teaches and learns everyday. His curiosity and courage brought him where he is now. He is extraordinary person and an example for all of us. He stands for equal human rights, inspiring to discover a way and to live a new normal. Positive and supporting relations with people made him an idol to another blind people, especially blind children. His goal behind the global project was to rise money for creating and education fund for the blind children & youth. Mr Necdet foster blind university graduates to seek jobs according their majors, do not be satisfied just what market suggests.

Partnership with Bridge to Turkey Fund (BTFwebsite) happened via accident. Due this he could accomplish his lifetime project via sustainable and continues implementation. 5 blind students will gain Necdet Turhan scholorship for university what will change their lives forever.

by Andrea David

Every week I am waiting for that Thursday noon in Bizim Ev kitchen. Time to drink glass of rabbit blood color Turkish çay and explore the world via a new normal.