EVS challenge in Turkey

Benim adım Edita. Memnum oldum.
Or hello from a lithuanian votunteer. As Alejandro wrote about his volunteering place – NİŞ Okulda- I wanna write about my – Bizim Ev or Everyone’s House.
Bizim Ev and activities
Activities for blind participants

On December I had opportunity to observe and attend activities in my volunteering place – Bizim Ev. This place is created to bring disabled people together and to increase the  quality of their life. People with special needs can spend 2h per week here doing hobbies: handcrafts, cooking, sport. There is music day on Friday. It is the day when many of participiants are gathering once more. Above in the pictures you will see how the activities looks like and how much presicely they are selected for special participiants.

I know it is interesting what my duties and responsabilities are in Bizim Ev. My schedule is really well arranged to have various and not monotonic activities. I have team activities, discussions with teachers-colleagues, cultural presentations, teaching english to participiants and teachers, turkish classes, research for partnership and personal writing time. This prevents me from the volunteering stage of – I am fed up with everything and wanna go home. 

Actually it is not possible to get bored here. Teachers are always friendly and helpful. We’d even reached the inner-jokes stage – and you know it takes time to understand mines. And they did. EVS hack to all EVS volunteers – even you do not speak language or are shy to try – over come this. I use my limited turkish vocabulary, google translate, catching phrases, fb profiles screenshots and even created nicknames for Bizim Ev workers. They love it. These melting ice excersices will help you and them to feel comfortable. C’mon you will share the same place for several months so try to be part of the colleagues circle as fast as possible.

My volunteering place – Bizim Ev ­- belongs to Nilüfer municipality. From short observation I could tell you that this neighbourhood are well managed : good roads and infrastructure, tidy streets, recreation places. Moreover, they do have very pronounced goal – bring Nilüfer people together. Municipality submits a various activities and areas for community. I will write about Bizim Bahçe – the latest project of Nilüfer municipality.

Municipality building

In the Middle of December mayor Mr. Mustafa Bozbey opened new recreation place for disable people and their families. The project gives oportunity to spend one week per year at Bizim Bahçe, to have vocation in a place dedicated for people with special needs. In the pictures below you can see the special interior and exterior solutions focusing on people with special needs.

Bizim Bahçe
Bizim Bahçe opening ceremony

Moreover, every month municipality announces programs for cultural events – concerts, teater, cinema. Next two weeks will be dedicated to Jazz. It means you will hear from me via social media how awesome live music is. As well, they will have sport and art activities. Fingers crossed, I will join either ebru, tango or swimming pool weekly practice.


Volunteer profile photo by Andrea David

As you can see from my post, EVS volunteering is not only dedicated time to the duty – it is not military services. It is really valuable experience and opportunity to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. To all parents and friends I would like to say: EVS is way more safe and arranged program than another chaotic exchange opportunities. And I tell it from my own experience. Have no fear to caught your one in lifetime opportunity.