EVS mid term training. Izmir edition



Perhaps you missed news from us so I will tell you where we went.

Prevıous week, in the middle of March, we had second EVS training-midterm EVS training- in Izmir. For some days we were together and learned some new things. But most the most important we had “an EVS therapy”-time together, long talks, trips. Because nobody will understand you better than the person who was in your shoes.

First of all, about the trip. Bursa is like 300km away from Izmir but to take bus takes 5.5 h As well additionally buses to otogar (bus stations). If I would be in charge of Turkey transport ministry I would oblige the biggest cities to have metro connection to bus station and airports. Unfortunately, I am not and I had to change several of transport to reach it and kill 1-1.5 for that.

Turkish buses are comfortable and giving snacks, soft drinks, the Internet and tablets. So that 5.5 hours can be a pleasure. I watched old Turkish movie-musical about seaside -perfect introduction to Izmir time. After taking service bus I was walking to our hotel for 30 min. The hotel was amazing just far away from the main road – maybe even the idea was keeping us all together in the hotel, team building and etc.

It was so great to see all of us. More than 30 people from all around of Turkey (Samsun, Gaziantep, Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa and etc.) were together again. These two weeks from Istanbul till Izmir just flying so we were feeling like haven’t seen each other for a week.

First day started at afternoon, and next day we had one session. After team building and reflection of each other project we went to Ephesus and Şirince. It was really worth to visit both of places. We had a tour guide who even explain much more detailed. Which had helped us to focus on these sites and even refresh history knowledge. Ps. perhaps Alejandro will write more about Ephesus so let’s wait for it.

Thursday we had all day long sessions about communication and conflict management, opportunities after EVS. Actually, I liked it because I heard new things and saw new methods (communication bottle-necks, negotiations for win-win strategy and etc.). Opportunities after EVS were presented briefly and again we had some devices from trainers. I really wish that we would have two more days of EVS training. Maybe involved media work – PR and Digital Marketing for NGOs. And participants workshops to teach each other and maybe trainers new things or ways of teaching/volunteering.

After the last time all together in the Thursday cultural evening, we had to leave on Friday. Well, the majority of participants stayed and went to Foça and around the Izmir. Personally, I have some friends there because of my AIESEC summer camp – I met friends, AIESECers and my Izmir family. For me previous week could be described as one of the most amazing in Turkey – full of activities, old and new memories. And the most important – PEOPLE! Thanks for everyone who made previous week unforgettable.

Already missing you EVSers and see You ASAP

Ephesus. Photo by Andrea David