EVS training in Istanbul. Vol 1

Hello my Dears,

previous week we, Bursa volunteers team went to Istanbul for EVS on arrival training. We were very happy to have this training. Even a little bit delayed but very useful for all EVS volunteers.

The view from Point Hotel
The view from Point Hotel terrace

Monday morning we took ferry boat from Mudanya to Istanbul. After 2 hours we reached the heart of it- Eminönü. It is not far away from Taxim. So we used just a tram and a tube/metro.

Our hotel – Point Hotel – is situated in convenient place – next to the Taxim square and Havataş– airport shuttle buses stop. It has very good buffe restaurant at 9th floor with amazing view to Bosphorus bridge (people still continue call it like this even officially it is 15 July Martyrs Bridge). Moreover, hotel had hammam, sauna and sw imming pool so majority of volunteers was glad to use these services after training. Huge plus for Turkish NA to choose this place.

Now about training. First session started on Monday afternoon. We had created Getting to know each otherand Team bui lding activities”. As well we were presenting our organization, EVS projects and etc.
Andrea is presenting his EVS project
Andrea is presenting his EVS project
From Tuesday afternoon it had started more intense and very important for volunteers sessions about responsibilities, logistical and organizational topics. There was as well questions activity. Most of this information could be held before. Unfortanetly, not all of volunteers were in pre-departure training in their home countries. So we gave idea about very briefly sistemized
infographs or youtube videos with explanations for future volunteers.
EVS volunteer map
EVS in Turkey map

Moreover, we were speaking about crise management, learning process via EVS, Youthpass and future plans/opportunities after EVS. Trainers Serap and Ibrahim were great and made diverse activities with good time management without decreasing participants working mood. As well gave very useful mentoring advises and always were willing to share information.

On Wednesday we had opportunity to visit Istanbul with tour guide.  Mr.Mehmet or My Dears (during a tour we heard it more than 100 times) told stories about city of the 7 hills, brought us to Miniatürk( park with miniature exhibition of the most ironical Istanbul and Turkey places), Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Even it was not a first time I visited Istanbul, I really liked this afternoon and it was harmonical break between training sessions.

Miniatürk. Mardin oldtown miniature
Miniatürk. Mardin oldtown miniature

I left very important part – participants – for the end. Even before we had to know about EVS training we wanted to get know another volunteers, maybe even discover amazing Turkey together. Previous week gave us opportunity to meet another guys from various regions –Samsun, Gaziantep, Adana, Antalya and etc. It was perfect chance to share our experiences, problem solving ways, to plan future trips and even make contacts for future collaboration. In my opinion it is very important to have internal network between volunteers to avoid crises and help in daily life. As support group/services where everyone is much more familiar with present volunteer life compared with our families, friends, organisions and etc. When our trainer Ibrahim said we are one of the best team he were working with – partly I believe it. Because we were optimal amount of diverse and motivated people from different countries with willingness to improve, share and receive EVS experiences. Thank you for cok güzel hafta and see you in 2 weeks in Izmir. Mid-term training is calling…

Ps. volunteers, do not hesitate and contribute to www.evsinturkey.com Let’s make future EVS volunteers more familiar with our life and work in Turkey.