Gölyazı – a beautiful pearl of Nilüfer

Gölyazı just before sunrise

Merhaba! Nasilsiniz? Haftasonun nasıldı?

Orthodox church and cultural gathering place
Orthodox church and cultural gathering place

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Hi fellows, how are you and how was your weekend? Boring? c’mon Turkey has so many amazing spots to visit. So today I will tell you about one of them and maybe this weekend you could visit it.

Gölyazı means fisherwomen. This village is locate in Uluabat lake. Yes, it is not a mistake. Village is in the island with tiny bridge between land and the island. Less than an hour drive from Bursa. Or you can use public transport. My recommendation is to avoid crowds – try to visit it before summer weekends. My friends and tripAdvisor guarantied that it will be so crowded as Eminönü in Istanbul.

What can you do on this place?

Well, I would suggest you to visit Orthodox church. The building is restored as spiritual and cultural place. Nilüfer municipality is in charge of the dialogue between locals and tourists. Their plan is to keep village authentic but renew it local business and comfortable for Gölyazı visitors.

After the church I would advice you to stop and grab turkish pancake – Gözleme. Göz, meaning “compartment” and refer to the pocket shape. This dish contains hand-rolled leaves of yufka dough with butter and egg. You can choose from 3 basic: “kıymalı“-minced beef and onions; “ıspanaklı“- spinach and feta, ; “patatesli“-potato and spring onions. You can find another contemporary sweet and salt versions of it too.

Gözleme or turkish pancake
Gözleme or turkish pancake

After the snack made in local place you can continue signtseeing next to the old (more than 730  years old) wooden giant. This tree is called crying tree and it is nice escape to drink tea or limonade under the shadow. After this you can cross tiny bringe and continue in new mosque. This yellow pray house and first restored square looks great and it is pleasant stop to rest or eat dondurma (turkish ice creams).

Yellow mosque
Yellow mosque and square

On the left side you will reach little fish market and huge pelicans who are waiting for bread or fish. Walking through narrow streets you will notice that more and more homes becoming little restaurants or guest houses. Even I support this but I suggest you to hurry up and stay there while village people are so honest and not spoilted by tourists.

Tiny fish market
Tiny fish market

Ofcourse, take a short stop and watch sunset there. With pray call in background it leaves unforgetable memories. Well as Andrea told sunrise there is spectacular too. Come and check it.

calm and peaceful escape from the city
Calm and peaceful escape from the city

You can leave your comments and ideas for another weekend plans bellow. Me and another volunteers would be really glad to discover more spectacular places…