If you are looking for a movie that does not make you think, do not watch this movie: Once Upon a Time in Anatolia.

Hello another week more friends. If we talked a little Turkish literature last week, this week we will talk about Turkish cinema. To this day if we talk about cinema in Turkey we have to talk about Nuri Bilge Ceylan. He is one of the best directors of contemporary cinema. The Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, the most important international film festival in the world, demonstrates the importance of his film. This award was won by the film “Winter Sleep” in 2014. But undoubtedly the rest of his films are also very interesting and rewarded in many festivals.

Today I’m going to talk about his previous film “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” (2011).

In this link you can see the complete file: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1827487/

The Doctor one of the main characters played by Muhammet Uzuner.

“Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” is a complex film. We can describe it as a thriller but it would not be quite true. The story begins with the investigation of a murder in a region in central Anatolia. A doctor and a prosecutor together with two police car patrols and two murderers try to find the exact place where the murderers buried the corpse.

We do not know why they killed him but it does not matter. The story of the film abandons that plot and takes us through other ways. The director teaches us the psychology of the characters. How the Anatolian nature host transforms the characters. And above all, we will learn what life and culture are like in Turkey's villages and small towns.

The inspiration for filming this film was because one of Ceylan's co-writers was a real doctor and, in order to get his license, he was forced to work for two years in the city where the plot unfolds. The story of the film is based on facts very similar to those that the co-writer experienced during this period. The title of the film refers to Sergio Leone's film Once Upon a Time in the West, and it was something that one of the drivers uttered during the actual events. When writing the script, the filmmakers tried to be as realistic as possible and the main objective was to portray the special atmosphere that had left a strong impression on the doctor. Several quotes from the stories of Anton Chéjov were incorporated in the script.
The film was very critically and publicly successful in many countries. This made Ceylan popular around the world. The Palm of Gold in Cannes for "Winter Sleep" is the official award for being one of the most original directors of the moment. 


The photograph of the film, by Gökhan Tiryaki, is wonderful. This image appears from a painting by Caravaggio.
If you are looking for a movie that does not make you think, do not watch this movie. Ceylan's cinema is not an easy movie. You have to be pacient. But if you are able to enjoy the film you will love its black humor, beautiful photography and a good script. I hope this post will encourage you to discover a part of Turkish culture through your cinema. Görüşürüz!
Alejandro Pardo.