İskender Kebap, Bursa

A generell rule you have to follow when you are in Turkey is, try as much food as possible! The turkish kitchen is full of delicious traditional dishes, which are waiting to be tasted.

One of the first things which comes in one’s mind when thinking of the turkish kitchen, is probably kebap. This special kind of skewered meet dish is famous and available in all different variations around the world. It is normally made out of lamb or chicken meat and served with salad and vegetables in pita bread.

In Bursa, there is one specific type of kebap you should not miss: İskender Kebap. It is very famous in the whole of northwestern Turkey, but the inventor, İskender Efendi, was from Bursa. He first created this meal in 1867, and until now, people here love his invention!

The İskender Kebap consists of very thin slices of grilled lamb meat on pita bread, topped with hot tomato sauce, melted butter and yoghurt. It is normally served on a plate, which is different to other kinds of kebap. Another difference is the size of the meat. At the İskender kebap, large pieces of meat are cut vertically and very thin, which is good for the taste of the meat. Moreover, it is not common to serve kebap with yoghurt and sauce in turkey, but the İskender is an exception. Besides, it is not a fast food as many people think. You should take your time while enjoying it!

The best place to eat it is probably one of the İskender Restaurants in the city center of Bursa. This is the most popular restaurant chain serving İskender Kebap and run by the family of the inventor. You can drink Ayran to the kebap, but when you want to feel even more traditional, you should go with Sıra. This is a very, very sweet drink made out of fermented grape juice, and it fits perfectly to the taste of the lamb meat.

Bon appetite, or to say it in the turkish way: Afiyet olsun!