Long Term EVS Vacancy


Volunteers from: EU Countries

Project place: Bursa, Turkey (more details)


Volunteer Movement was founded in Bursa in 2009. Since then, we have been offering social and voluntary opportunities people from 15-30 (from high schools to young adults) and with this age groups we organize projects, trainings and activities for various age groups ranging from children to seniors. We offer them different training opportunities both in our country (local and national) and abroad (exchanges and trainings), and giving a chance to take part in different projects.

In the organization, they can always find a way to improve their skills and knowledge. Volunteer Movement cares about the free, active youth participation. The activities are organized/run by professional workers and volunteers.

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Main Topics: Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy), Intercultural/Intergenerational learning, Creativity and Culture


All the activities will be held within the organization and some of the them might be flexible and changeable according to time, need and volunteer.

  • To attend regular activities of the organization and participate in workshops, meetings, seminars,
  • To take initiative in club activities,
  • To contribute evsinturkey.org page as a blogger and create info materials,
  • To make research and support the staff about Youth Information activities in general,
  • To organize monthly voluntary events,
  • To prepare visual documentation and archieve of their own project activities,
  • To attend the On-Arrival Training and other trainings.

Besides all these, the volunteer is encouraged to come with new ideas, youth initiative, youth exchanges, or other kind of projects which can be suitable for hosting organization.

Profile of the Volunteer:

  • to have former voluntary work experience is a must,
  • to have basic knowledge on design programs (photoshop, illustrator, video maker, etc.) is essential,
  • to have high motivation in youth works,
  • to be able to work in teams and also individually according to the task at hand with responsibility,
  • to have interest and ability in our activity areas: art, sport, dance, handcraft, languages, intercultural learning, etc.
  • to have solution oriented approach,
  • to be open minded,
  • to have interest in sustainability of community works,
  • to be open to intercultural learning and have high motivation,
  • to be open to learn and share knowledge/experience,
  • to have high interest in Turkish language and culture,
  • to be motivated to meet new people and cultures,
  • to have basic knowledge of English is essential to have a more efficient volunteer work,
  • to be between 18-26 years old is preferred.

Accommodation & Public Transportation:

  • They will be accommodated in a hosting family house.
  • They will have a private room in the hosting family’s house and shared kitchen, bathroom and great room.
  • If a vehicle is necessary to reach the office or project place, public travel card will be provided to the volunteer. The volunteer may come to work on foot/bicycle if the accommodation is in the neighborhood of the office.


  • The volunteer will receive Turkish language support during the project. Language support will be given by a teacher who has experience in Turkish teaching to foreign people or by local volunteers.
  • There will be organized training and support for the volunteer for each of their activities if the volunteer feels the need for it. First 1-2 weeks will be orientation week for the volunteers.
  • Volunteer will also participate to the On-arrival and Mid-term training courses that are organized by Turkish National Agency.
  • Volunteer will also have a mentor and mentor’s support during the whole project.

How to Apply?

You can send your Europass CV and Motivation Letter to evs@gonulluhareketi.org with the remark in the mail subject line  – “Empowerment of Youth Participation

Application: OPEN