People who make the difference in Antalya

The curtain has not yet been raised in the auditorium, but the dedication of this theater group has been taking shape for months. 12 journalism and cinema students have chosen to do something more in the Communication Faculty in Akdeniz University of Antalya, and they have formed a theater group that they use as a tool of expression and learning. In addition to the classes, classroom work and exams they have added the memorization of a script, the dedication of hours of rehearsal and the singing of new songs. They are Batuhan, Ayça, Uğur, Berfin, Sinan, Meltem, Mert, Bircan, Cem, Cavidam, Mahmut and Seyfullah, in the first year in the University, and they are preparing the theatre play “Ne Olucam Delisi” for next May. All of them also collaborate in the Faculty’s radio, where they broadcast weekly programs about music, cinema or theater.

Meeting with them has contradicted all my first impressions about the activities of most university students. Although before coming I knew that the university students in Spain seemed to have lost all their minds to grow beyond the classes, the first days in the University of Antalya I noticed a “generalized fatigue”: lack of desire to go to class or selflessness by the books or culture. Luckily, I found me one Friday in the afternoon (yes, Friday afternoon in the university), seeing how this group of people rehearsed, practiced expressions and dialogues under the attentive focus of that foreigner who did not understand anything of Turkish, but with the one everyone was trying to talk about. And I discovered more. The radio studios were also spaces for the recording the music that they had created by themselves. While they are singing something like “para, para, para” (money, money, money), they dedicate their last Friday before exams to record the songs that will appear in their theater play.

And everything adds up. Their attitude, their extracurricular activities, their interest in speaking English with me and their enthusiasm when I say some words in Turkish correctly. In Turkey, where being a journalist is a day-to-day challenge, there are people who work for making the difference, and they are getting it. With each act, each word, each program and each dialogue they are taking up their time. They don’t want to be one more in the University, they are living the University every day strongly.

Maybe in these days I will know more things about the story in the theatre play. But, for now, they are the main characters in this story.

Teşekkürler, team.