The experiences of the first month in Bursa


First of all I have never written a blog before and as it is like that I feel a little bit unconfident and wondering if you, the readers will enjoy it or next time you will just immediately ignore my notes. But all of you should know I am trying my best to deliver the first option and I hope you will like my weekly short reports.

Mudanya seaside

So after the 5 minutes higly intensive excitment caused by this first blog writing experience of mine I managed to calm myself down and I woud like to introduce myself briefly. I am Brigitta Ács (Brigi) from Hungary and – you might see- I tend to be worried (sometimes too much 😀 ) about everything, so I just decided to be brave once and for all in my life and I jumped into a 6 months-long EVS adventure in Turkey which I hope will make some changes in my personality. Of course it was not the only reason why I waned to complete EVS in Turkey but I will write about the other purposes later.

The manti we made

 But now just let me to start the story! I arrived to Bursa on 20th December. My first week in Bursa was an orientation week when I got acquainted with my Spanish volunteer partner, called Miguel, with my colleauges, with the participants at Bizim Ev and with the sytem of institution. Beside all of it day by day I got to know my host better who I live together in Mudanya. She is such a lovely woman and we became so close ’ev arkadaslar’ at the end of the week. We even made mati together.

The Yilbasi Decoration

 The first week just passed in a blink of an eye, in contrast the following week seemed calmer. It might be I got used to the new situation and made the first steps towards the acclimatization but I felt relaxed. That week was the last week of the year that is why with all group who we had workshop during the week at ’Bizim ev’ we held a ’New Year Party. We celebrated with food, music, making greeting cards and decorating yilbasi agac. The New Years Eve I celebrated with Miguel and wih my friends in Gürökle and I think for a long time this was my best New Year’s Eve Night.

It is said every beginnig is hard and I definetaly felt it at first week of the year. 😀 I was homesick a bit, I started to loose my motivation but luckilly that week we wrote our program which we are going to follow in the coming 6 months. On that weeked the organization had a meeting where I could meet with local people. With one of them We have already become good friend and we explored the centre of Bursa together. We visited the followinng places: Timurtas pasa, Tophane, Heykel, Ulu camii and Yesil Türbe. And I tasted one of the masterpiece of the Tukish cuisine: the Pideli köfte.

Sightseeing with my friend

Next week with Miguel I am going to participate at the ’ On-arrival training’ in Istanbul,  where we can meet with new EVS volunteers. I am going to inform you about it! 😉