Tirilye the olive yard.

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sorry but in this week i was very busy but today i want to talk about on amazing city i saw 2 weeks ago.

This city is called Tirilye, is a quite city near Mudanya around 10km from there.

The most important historical structure in Trilye(Triglia) is that of the Byzantine Haghioi Theodoroi Church, known today as the Fatih Mosque. Mudanya, a residential and commercial development in this township is under state protection as a historical site.

Only 2500 people currently live in the town. In the town are the ruins of old Byzantine churches. Old Greek houses built at the end of the 19th century line what few streets are left. This town is under the protection by the Ministry of Culture so no one can destroy the old houses or rebuild them in a different style than the original one. The place is famous for its olives and had historically been inhabited by Greek artisans engaged in the silk trade. ‘Zeytingbagi’ means ‘olive yard’.

This are the most important thing in the city

Kapanca Port

The antic port, which is in Kapanca Districts of Trilye, dates back to the Roman era; it was the most important port for transportation during its time. It has been understood that the Genoese have used Trilye and Apemeia (Mudanya) ports for transporting the salt extracted from the northern part of the Appolonia Lake. Trilye was an important port for exporting the goods produced in the fertile lands to the center of the Byzantine Empire.

Zarifeion School (Taş Mektep)

The Zarifeion School, built in a markedly neo-classical style, is the largest building in town. The construction of the magnificent building started in 1904 and was completed in three years. It is situated on an area of 965 square metres (10,390 square feet), is four stories high and is located on the hill at the west of İskele Street. In 1924 after the establishment of the republic it is opened as a school called Dar-ül Eytam for orphans, who were the children of soldiers that died in the war. The building served as a boarding school, a primary school and a secondary school later on. The historical building that was evacuated in 1989 was transferred to Uludağ University first and then was transferred to Zeytinbağı Municipality for restorations.

 The seaside of Tirilye


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