Touch the world or activities for blind people

Good afternoon guys. Today before leaving to Izmir I would like to write about activities in Bizim Ev for blind participants.

Usually, all activities are held via specific preparation. Let’s start from regular class without a subject. Teacher greet participant, give a tea and snacks. Meanwhile chatting about the week. This little ritual makes them feel as at home and more open. It is very important for people with disabilities, otherwise person would not feel comfortable. Perhaps even quit activities.

Later teacher prepares either task for motoric skills or painting. As you see bellow with help of this machine blind person can feel the corners of a subject, can better and easier do an activity. Moreover, teacher prepare some 3D ideas for handicraft. Participants like it very much.

After this it can be part of reading, dancing either singing. This is prepared for diverse activities so children do not get bored. Furthermore, in these 2 h they have sport activity as well. Profesional elected exercise increase health and as well teach/reminds about spins problems (very typical for blind people). Usually class finishes with joyful faces and willingness to come back.

Students as well have specific classes. They can learn to walk with white cane, understanding surfaces and the sounds of the street. These orientation skills are very important to help blind people adapts to daily life and minimize a discomfort of their disability.

Another important class – to learn Braille alphabet and learned to read, write. Bizim Ev has a teacher who is blind and teach Braille. This is the best way for students. They can get the deepest empathy and tips from her. More about Braille and alternative Moon you can find here 

Blind or visual impaired people have extraordinary music talent. In Bizim Ev students as well have a possibility to learn playing piano, guitar and drums. Every Friday day care center has musicians – guests who are teaching playing instruments and singing.

Besides of that exist art Thursday. Guest teacher prepare either activities with ceramics or oil painting. Usually activities include additional materials. In this way participants can touch the art and better imagine how it looks like.

Bizim Ev teachers trying to teach youth to adapt to life as much as possible. They give lessons about household too – to tidy up, prepare your bed, clothes, ironing and etc. Right now every Tuesday chef Mr. Cuma comes and teach participants about cooking. All activities ar precisely and focused on blind or visual impaired people. Before my EVS in Bizim Ev I could not imagine about these techniques and now I am much more familiar with this. Moreover, I had an opportunity to spend time with my colleagues who can not see and learn from them how to be strong and try to get from the life much more than average health person does. About that you will read later.

Iki 🙂