Travel to Greece just an hour from Antalya

Getting up early is not a hard exercise when you know that in one hour you will be in Greece. Okay, I know, it’s not exactly Greece, but at least you know that you’re transported to a very similar place and for less money. A well-deserved excursion on a day in which you will enjoy good ambience and perfect temperature.

Side is a small port town on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey, just one hour from Antalya, whose town and monuments are capable of transporting you to earlier periods. A large part of their ruin dates from the III and II BC. At present, it retains a number of remains such as the walls surrounding the city, the entrance gates as Vespasian Gate, the monumental fountain of the city Ninfeum, and even a huge amphitheater, one of the main points of interest in the city and where the old fights between gladiators were celebrated. Next to this amphitheater is also the old market square, Agora, drawn in the shape of a square and where are the fragments of the altar of the goddess Fortuna. Going through its white streets and markets completes the perfect morning walk and, at the end of the road, the tempo of Apollo and Athena by the sea does not leave anybody ındıfferent. As if it were raised above the sea, the remains of this temple contemplate the Mediterranean and offers the perfect sunsetl. Also in Side you can visit the restored old thermal baths of the city that today house a museum with objects from the Roman period, unique sculptures and sarcophagi.

This town, has become a perfect destination for those who wish to take a nice walk during the weekend, and you don’t lose the essence of this country. You can have a good Turkish breakfast for starting the day, enjoy a lunch looking the sea, and end up with an ice cream and a Mediterranean sunset. In the harbor area, some local fishermen offer lunches at the same boats with freshly caught fish from the sea, and you can also take a walk around the coast for € 5.

For those who would like to enjoy a little more of nature, the city next to Side, Manavgat, offers hiking routes, where you can see the fabulous waterfall of Manavgat, only 10 minutes away from Side.