Turkish coffee

I am coffeeholic. From my teenager’s years with mother till these days in Bursa I am drinking coffee daily. Well I could admit that without a cup or some I could not imagine my day. Moreover, it is morning ritual. The same ritual I have when I meet my friends. Turkish proverb says: “A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship”.

Very old and famous turkish coffee place in Kadikoy
Very old and famous turkish coffee place in Kadikoy

Turkish coffee have long history how it came from Etiophia sheapheart discovery about energetic goats till Sultan Suleyman palace or even Vienna. More about the history of it you can read it hereMeanwhile I will write more about preparation process and the symbols reading of your turkish coffee cup.

“Heart wants neither coffee nor a coffee house,

Heart wants just a friendly chat, coffee is merely an excuse.”

First of all you need cold water, good quality turkish coffee and cezve (pot to prepare a coffee). Usually cezve is for two persons but you can try to measure before how many cups of water would fit.

Lets say we are preparing coffee for two persons. So we should pour 2 cold distilated water turkish coffee cups(fincan) to cezve, put 2.5 tea spoons of turkish coffee (very well blend almost as dusts). If you like sweet – şekerli, semi sweet – orta şekerli, no sugar – sade.

You need to mix it and wait till it will boil-foams will appear. Pour that foams into the cups and keep cezve for some moments on the heat. When coffee will start to boil again – fill it to the cups.

Usually turkish coffee is served with locum – turkish delight – and glass of water. Afiyet olsun!

Wait! Do not wash your and friend cups. I would like to introduce another tradition related with turkish coffee – kahve falı or fortune telling. More about history and importance of it you can read it here. And I will tell you the process and some basic meanings.

You need to put plate on the cup, turn some times clockwise and turn it upside-down towards yourself. If you are willing to know more about finance – put coin, if love – put a ring. Everything is about believing, even my idea about coin or ring – just to foster cup cooling process.

After some minutes  open the cup. Actually you should not read your cup, ask your friend or downloud Kahve fali app. Yes it exists. Bellow I will write some basic symbols but if you are more interested into this game, read more here.

Turkish proverb: “with art ’tis prepared, so one should drink it with art.”
Turkish proverb: “with art ’tis prepared, so one should drink it with art.”

Basic symbols:

1. Ring: Marriage, new love
2. Broken ring: Divorce, break-up
3. Square: Happy marriage, new home
4. Flag: Danger at home or business
5. Knife: Break up with a friend
6. Bird: Good news
7. Raven/Crow: Bad News
8. Mountain: Obstacles
9. Heart: Love
10. Full moon: Love
11. Flower: Happiness
12. Volcano: Loss of control
13. Fish: Career achievement
14. Nest: Pregnancy
15. Angel: Protection, good news
16. Devil: Danger, bad news
17. Dog: True friendship
18. Cat: Argument, bad friendship

I will finish this article with another turkish proverb: “coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love,”

Afiyet olsun!