Christmas time in Turkey 101

Hello from snowy Turkey. Yes, snow does exist in this 3S( sea-sand-sun) paradise. But about this later. This time I will tell you some tips to make your Christmas abroad. Moreover, I will tell how was mine THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. But about that in another article.

First of all, if you could not comeback or do not want to come back to your country for holidays you need to make holiday spirit here. Otherwise it can be opposite of the most beautiful time of the year. There are my tips how to create that spirit and celebration:

  • Find fellows (another volunteers and foreigners who used to celebrate Christmas);
  • Make a meeting or chat to arrange who will be in charge of organizing food, music, games, place and decorations. Involve everyone – everyone is important and nobody is a slave;
  • Find a place for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas, New Year Eve (someone’s of participants home rent an apartment from and etc.);
  • Try to arrange menu – c’mon food can help to forget homesick and Grandmas Christmas table. It you are from different countries, try to empower everyone to prepare their countries dishes;
  • Prepare games who would involve action, thinking and letting to know each other better. Remember, Turkey is not the most suitable for drinking games. And not because of religion but because of the price;
  • If you are lucky you can use youtube. But I would recommend to prepare some music. Just in case if it would be some problems with internet;
  • About presents. You always can make small surprises for you friends and loved once. But I would suggest using more economical way and choosing one person for giving present. How? Just write down all the names of the party participants and let everyone choose one. As well, I would suggest deciding money value of the present. Just make your life simple and financially equal.

Hope you will enjoy your expats winter holidays! Because of these tips I did enjoy preparation process too.

Post scriptum in another circumstance you could take some days off and arrange trips. I really strongly recommend you to travel inside of the country because of these simple reasons:

  1. Turkey do not have long two weeks holiday during this period. This means that sightseeing places will be not crowded. And even more cheap to book a flight and hotels;
  2. Turkey has an efficient transport system via buses. You can check intercities routes and find best offers: If you do prefer short flight, check cheap domestic flights via or direct pages as:,, This would be basic services for short flight. But for longer one I would recommend comfort and excellence services of
  3. For winter holidays I would recommend these places in Turkey: Bursa and Uludag skiing resort, Effesus (ancient ruins which we saw in history books) , Demre (where actually orthodox bishop Nicholas -Santa Claus- lived), Abant lake in Bolu province’s lake and forest districts, Akdamar Island in Van lake and visit 10th century Armenian church with spectacular view.

If you have any question you can leave comment below. Hope you can apply these tips on your parties and trips.